#DumaGeTmE: Visiting Dumaguete for the Sandurot Festival

Lest week I got flown to Dumaguete City to cover the annual Sandurot Festival. My third time in DGTE and I fell in love with the place all over again (plus I crashed a parade while there but that is a story for another time, though you can watch that whole thing go down HERE.)
A quick look at photos of this sleepy city will show you just why people the world over decide to spend the rest of their lives here. Dubbed as one of the famous retirement spots in the country, Dumaguete's allure is its laid back environment, the beautiful ocean view, and the very friendly locals.
There's nothing quite like feeling the fresh ocean breeze as you walk through the streets of this busy city. In the evening, the city comes alive with a steady party scene. The Hayahay Bar, which is across the street from Rizal Boulevard is a must visit.
I checked into the Sta. Monica Beach Resort and it was an equally beautiful experience. They put me in a Family room which consisted of two floors with three beds. I had so much space! And although all the empty beds just emphasized my lonesomeness, it was great stay (and, well, I got my Dumaguete friends to stay over so no more lonely me!).
That's me and my friend Tish (who I tricked into staying with me) half drunkenly posing outside of my resort room (I have no idea why).
Sta. Monica offers a great view of the ocean, a pool, a dive resort, and a breakfast buffet.
And speaking of food:
Carb party! The famous local Bud bud and an assortment of suman from the Painitan Market. 
Restaurants like Gabby's Bistro, La Bella, and Kri serve awesome food!
Dumaguete is definitely an unexplored gem. This wasn't my first time here but I realized that I never really explored the City until last week. I learned so much about the place's history and culture via my wonderful guide Ms. Pearl (who happen to be my ex's gradeschool teacher! Ang small world, okay).
My titaness even brought me to the produce market where I walked around and pretended to shop for edibles/know what exactly I was doing in a market like a full fledged tita.
Someone was even selling organic honey for cheap but since naturally sweet na ako, I didn't get any.
This Dumaguete trip was definitely one of many firsts. It's not every day you get to lead a parade (accidentally!) and meet so many wonderful characters in the process. On my third visit, I feel like I learned so much about what the City has to offer. Truly, the best adventures are those hiding in plain view. 
Until next time, city of gentle people! I promise to visit again. Maybe then that gentleness will rub off on me!
Until next time!



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