I need to go out more

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."
On dreary days in the city like this, I often find myself dreaming about far and wonderful places I've never visited. They say reading can transport you, that books are a gateway to different worlds but these pages and pages of words and ideas will not let me feel the sun on my skin or the cool November breeze on my face.
Photos by Alvin Cheng & TJ Leonardo

Yes, the pains of city life as a law student. #firstworldmillenialproblems 
Honestly issues ko lang 'to kasi weekend nanaman tapos magaaaral lang ako. 

Hitting the books again! Later!

P.S. This is me sporting a sports bra with denim shorts because who needs shirts when you can go all-out-workout-clothes-mode?




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