Na dagit ako

Dagit means 'to take'.

Years back, moro pirates came from the sea to the land we now know as Dumaguete and took people to be sold as slaves. In an effort to protect themselves, bell towers were built to watch out for the arrival of these pirates - the bells served as alarms to sound off the coming of impending danger. Only one of these towers remain standing in the City today.

Decades have passed and Dumaguete has now become the city by the ocean loved by many. Dumaguete attracts people from all over the world as the 'city of gentle' people offers a lifestyle very different from the very hectic life in the metro.

These days there are no more moro pirates, only the beauty of the City of Dumaguete which continues to capture people the world over. 

And that is how the name of this City came to be: Dagit - dumaguet - Dumaguete.

It gets increasingly hard to leave this place every time I visit! Like countless others, na-dagit ako ng Dumaguete!




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