#Tita Study Group

Being a law student means reading 25/7. So, what do you do when life gives you lemons (er. When I say lemons, I mean a pile of readings that stretch on until forever)?

Well, in my case, I try to find ways to make studying more interesting! That includes switching things around, visiting and discovering different conducive study spots. One such study adventure ("study adventure talaga? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) brought me & my Tita friend Happy Mabee to a Gelato place with a really cute interior. Of course we did what any self respecting millennial would do: we started taking #ootds!

And, in true tita transformation, I got myself rubber shoes for outside gym situations. I have honestly been wearing these shoes everywhere lately and I feel like I've been walking on marshmallows, why have I only stared doing this now?? omg??
I got Mabee to do #ootds with me because why not! She has also started going to school in gym clothes because of influence from yours truly. This is her after class & before yoga.
Of course Happy Mabee's sneakers are covered with glitter! It takes a special type of kikay person to pull this off and, well, Mabee is totally that person.
Ok, yun lang! 

P.S. I did my very first run over the weekend & will be blogging about that soon! :P




  1. Love your rubber shoes 😻 Can we have a tita date?

    1. Let's set it up!!! Miss you already Farah! <3

  2. First time I went to school in gym clothes!!!

    1. The first but not the last! hahaha

    2. Hope your running is keeping up...evEr day



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