Graffiti photowalk by a temperamental brat

After a quick exercise of my constitutional right to peacefully assemble -
The walk home along Whiteplains finally gave me the chance to check out and read the graffiti murals that I've been wanting to look at (since forever). This is a route I take a lot and I've always wanted to see what they were about but I never got the chance to do so - until now.
Hello, mga ka DDS!
Of course, the mural's theme is about being a Filipino and uniting for change. How apt.
(Special thanks to my friend Enzo who took these photos. I promise to support you the next time we see Ping Medina and you insist that we run after him to take a photo.)
On a final note, let it be said: the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way.
Call us temperamental brats, or whatever you like but we will continue to make funny signs, fight for what we know, and take #ootds.

Also, I bet you sang The Greatest Love Of All in your head when you read that.




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