2 Days in Shangrila Mactan: lazy work vacation by the beach

Earlier this month, I went on a 5 day roadtrip through North Luzon. I spent almost a whole week inside a bus filled with travel writers and bloggers - who are, as I've learned, the most fun and adventurous people to travel with (rightly so as I'd imagine that their lives to be filled with spontaneous trips and adventures). I had grown close to most of these people as the trip did not entail simple sightseeing: we spent at least 35 + hours in a moving vehicle, experienced hair raising boat rides in tumultuous open waters, and even covered each other's privacy with sarongs as we peed by the side of the road, behind the bus in the middle of nowhere. Yes, the bond was strong in this group.

But, this post is not about that trip (I will be writing more about that later). This was about a trip that happened later. 

2 days after I arrived home from I was packed and ready to leave for another adventure: this time, one that involved my hair curler and not my hiking shoes. 

Funny story: I initially thought this was a Mac event of a different kind - one that involved Apple computers. But, okay, this works too.

I just spent a few days in a bus (don't get me wrong that was fun and I'd do it again in a heatbeat) and now I find myself in this beautiful room. With this view:

And a personal note (okay, I'm a sucker for notes addressed to me, okay. Couldn't care less that it came from a hotel):

Of course in typical Pinoy fashion, I took a banyo selfie. I don't know why people do that, I don't know why I did that. Hahahahaha

And there were personalized pillows and MAC (not the computer!) stuff! They used my other name (one I do not really answer to) but that's okay.

Shangrila Mactan is a different Cebu experience. Personally, I'm more of the adventurous traveller and I'm used to exploring places I visit according to an itinerary I made. January's Sinulog trip  was done that way, as with every trip to Cebu I've take taken before. This has brought me as far north as Bantayan Island and as down south as Badian with many tiny stops in between. 

My stay on this peaceful island was not like that. 

Shangrila Mactan is a sprawling compund with lush greenery, multiple pool areas, and a pristine beach front. 

The place offers countless activities for each type of traveller and a number of commercial facilities for their guests. Pero honestly, nakakaloka - I got lost inside the hotel too many times for comfort.

The whole place was designed so no guest would ever need to leave the premises to enjoy the tropical beauty of Cebu. It's ideal for a few days of lazing around by the beach under the summer sun with the clear view of the legendary Bisaya sunset.

Ooooookay, now back to the event.

This event turned me into a make up maven. I now completely understand the complicated art of face painting.

Not really. But I did appreciate more the artistry that goes behind each carefully thought of look. There is more to this art than a bunch of random brush strokes. 

I did, in fact, learn a thing or two about how to use color and runway trends
And what concealer shade I should be using. 

Coincidentally, I also learned that no thing (or smoking hot person) will deter my appetite, even if it were a strategically placed Fabio Ide. 

And since we're on the topic of food:

Shangrila's selection definitely does not disappoint. Most notable is the vast food selection at Tides which ofcourse I have no photo of as I was busy eating everything in sight. I also suggest having heading to Acqua, which also serves the breakfast buffet, for a more tropical by-the-beach dining experience. Again, no photos because food usually distracts me at meal times.

The rest of the trip was spent attending MAC prepared events at various locations in the compound and trying hard to be pakyut. (haha joke lang the last part #halfjoke)

My biggest achievement on this trip was wearing an all white ensemble and not spilling anything on it. I feel like a full fledged event attending adult. 

The trip was over as quickly as it started. Life has a funny way of unfolding: one minute I'm peeing by the side of the road somwhere near the foothills of Sierra Madre, the next I'm in Mactan in the same room as Tessa Prieto Valdez (who is a Mac ambassador) eating dessert opposite Fabio.

Things really just escalate with me.  
I wouldn't have it any other way.


**Side note: I have made a great deal of changes in my life the past few months (you may piece together the story through this and future posts soon enough) but all you need to know now is this - I am in a good place and I have decided to chronicle my life (work, travel, BTS of how I really am)through this blog. It feels good to be back. x



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